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Larder Beetle Control

Larder Beetles
Adult larder beetles are 7 to 9 mm long, oval, and black with a pale yellow band covered with brown to black spots. Larvae bore into wood, cork or insulation to pupate, and adults feed on any stored animal or plant product. Ridding your home of an infestation requires diligent inspection of areas where these beetles have been found, usually throughout the kitchen and pantry. Cal-Rid can help – contact us today.

You should prepare your home for larder beetle treatment as follows:
  1. Throughout the unit, move all furniture away from the walls by about 12" to 18".
  2. Clear the floor area of all closets so that baseboard areas can be accessed.
  3. Remove everything from the lower kitchen cupboards (from the counter top down). Place these items on the counter or table. After treatment, do not wash the shelves, simply line them with new paper, either shelf-lining paper or wax paper before putting the dishes or food product back. This will provide a layer of protection between the pesticide and your dishes and/or food product.
  4. In the bathroom, remove everything from under the sink. These items can be placed in the bathtub. After treatment, do not wash the shelves, line them with new paper same as above.
  5. After treatment, everyone must be away from the home for a minimum of 4 to 6 hours. If anyone in the home is pregnant or nursing, less than 1 year of age, or having severe allergies or respiratory problems, these people should stay away for a longer period of time, generally 24 hours.
  6. All pets must be removed from the home for a minimum of 4 to 6 hours, except for birds which should be removed for 24 hours. If you have fish tanks, you should cover the fish tank with plastic, a towel or a sheet and unplug any fish filters as they pump outside air into the water the fish live in.