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Rodent & Mouse Exterminator in Calgary

Although rodents and mammals are often thought of as dirty animals, they can and will appear regardless of how clean and well-kept your house may be. Especially active in fall, the most common rodents and animals found in and around Calgary are mice, voles (also known as meadow mice), gophers, skunks, porcupines, and wild cats.

Whether you have a problem with only one of these pests, or an entire family, Cal-Rid Exterminators can help safely remove these pests from your home or yard.

To prevent problems with rodents and mammals, inspect your house thoroughly for any holes. Anything larger than a dime should be sealed immediately with materials like copper mesh, hardware wire, and foam.

Get in touch with Cal-Rid for tips on ecologically friendly pest proofing and rodent control Calgary has come to depend on.