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Mouse Exterminator in Calgary
The arrival of mice in your home might seem like a problem that you can handle alone. And while you may have initial success, they are resilient creatures that will stay with you until you bring in proper mice control in Calgary. That’s where the experts at Cal-Rid Exterminators come in, to think how a mouse thinks and expect a mouse’s next move before they make it. By doing that, our exterminators ensure that a mouse infestation cannot grow, and work to quickly remove or kill the mice in your home.

Mice can also pose a serious health hazard to a home and its occupants, as mouse droppings can spread bacteria disease, parasites and viruses, which can spread to humans upon contact. And left untreated, a female mouse can give birth to more than 50 babies in the course of a year. Here, you can learn how a professional exterminator can help get rid of mice and improve the health of your home.

The Advantages of a Professional Mouse Exterminator in Calgary

Our exterminators carry with them both the tools and the knowledge to end an infestation of mice. It is both of these things that distinguish an exterminator from a person attempting a do-it-yourself method of getting rid of rodents. Here are just a few of the ways in which our exterminators provide effective mice control in Calgary:

  • We find where the mice are coming in. It’s almost impossible to stop a mouse infestation if you don’t know how they’ve gotten into your home. Our exterminators will locate how the mice are getting into the house and try to seal the entrance off. Additionally, we will also find where the mice are living in your home based on evidence and where mice most often like to congregate.
  • Our exterminators outsmart mice by thinking like mice. Knowing how a mouse acts helps to set traps and poison in areas that a mouse will definitely be. Traps are set along the walls or in corners, where mice can scurry back to safety. And not all traps are initially set: some are left alone so the mice won’t see them as threatening. After a few days, they can then be set up in order to take care of the mice.
  • We make sure that the problem is dealt with. It’s not just enough to get one mouse with a trap or poison. It’s crucial to make sure that traps continue to be set in order to catch other mice that may be lurking in your home. People often get tripped up after catching a single mouse and forget to try and catch others that might be there.

To schedule an appointment and deal with your mouse problem in Calgary, call Cal-Rid Exterminators today. To look at the other types of pests we deal with, visit a full list on our Services page.
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