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Excellent Staff

Mike from Cal-Rid just left after letting me know that if the wasps were still active by tomorrow to call you again. Just wanted to say thanks – Mike was extremely professional and helpful with my many questions and concerns and, well, I think he needs a big raise for hazard pay! Man, I don’t know how your team does it – facing aggressive wasps and hornets all summer, but kudos to Cal-Rid for having excellent staff.


Tracye - Aug. 2013

Good Job

Good job getting rid of the bird’s nest in my vent and putting the mesh on it so it doesn’t happen again! I appreciated that very much.

Thank you for the good service,

Bonnie - May. 2012

A Little Extra

I just wanted to let you know how much your service was appreciated. Also, it’s nice to know that there are still some helpful and friendly people who don’t mind doing a little extra.

Thank you so much,

Faye - April 2012


Dear Keith,

I want to say thank you for taking my call on Friday. It was the long weekend and I'm sure you were busy - you still took the time to help. That is great customer service and customer care!

Again, thanks Keith!


Stephanie - Sept. 2011

Professional Quality of Work

I wanted to let you know when I went out to the side of my house this Sunday evening to see if I could catch the pigeons hiding under the eave, I was pleasantly surprised to see that the bird spikes had already been installed! I was fully expecting to have to endure a few more days of the pesky pigeons perching and doing their business up in the hiding place. Those spikes look great and are very intimidating, so I’m sure this will be the end of the problem.

Your team also did a great job cleaning the wall and downspouts.

I really appreciate the professional quality of the work and how quickly you were able to have it completed. Please convey my thanks to the crew.


Eddy - May. 2011

Done the Following Day

A tenant transfer was about to happen but we needed to deal with bedbugs first. Timelines were tight. A request came from the property manager on Aug. 10. Cal-Rid was called and was able to do the two treatments required the following day (typical scheduling is one week). I find this typical of the level of service we receive from Cal-Rid when we need them to come through for us.

I just wanted to pass along a Thank You for getting this done so quickly.

Thank you!

Roy - Aug. 2011

Thank You for Being Here

On behalf of our family, we wish to thank every single person who worked so tirelessly and selflessly to ensure the speedy return of the residents of the affected buildings.

As part of the extended family, we must offer special thanks to the staff and management of Cal-Rid. Your role in the aftermath of the flood allowed residents to return to pest-free abodes.

Through trying times we learn the value of the communities to which we belong and the good people we call friends, neighbors and family.

All too often we take things for granted and suddenly are thrown into a situation that is out of our control, and it makes us think and act differently. The flood of 2013 has strengthened our community. Thank you for being here when you were needed. To honor the efforts of the unsung heroes in our little community, a tree will be planted in Fish Creek Provincial Park next spring. May this tree grow strong and flourish; we hope all of you will do the same. Once again, we thank you all so very much.


Donna - July 2013

Thorough Inspection

I just wanted to send a Thank You note for the service done on our home yesterday. I really appreciated the thoroughness of the inspection on the home and the information shared by Colman. We had another company in about a year ago and they did not supply the service that was provided yesterday.

Thank you.

Yours truly,

Kathy - Feb. 2013

Outstanding Service

A note of thanks to Cooper for the fast and thorough assistance with our mouse intruders today! Besides offering professional advice, his support and understanding helped us choose the best option for our particular situation. Outstanding service all around.

Thank you,

Linda - Jan. 2012

Thanks & Appreciation


Just wanted to express how grateful we are that your representative located and sealed entry points for mice to our unit. Since then we trapped (on Tuesday) only one mouse in the attached garage. Nothing since the 11th of March. Thank goodness.

It's a big relief to us - as you probably can imagine one's imagination can go off on a tangent with visualization of being saddled with excessive mice problems. We accept that mice are everywhere and may enter the garage at any time. We are OK with this just as long as they don't gain entry to our home. We will continue to monitor and set a couple of traps (without poison) in the garage area.

Emily - Sept. 2011

Service Is Excellent

Dear Sir and Madam:

Your reception and telephone service is excellent. The email with the information was faster than light.

Your instant service at my rental was very much appreciated.

I received the bill today. Speedy service deserves speedy payment. Enclosed is payment for your service.

Thank you,

Priscilla - Sept. 2011


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