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Frequently Asked Questions

1. I was bit by a spider. Do we have poisonous spiders in Calgary?

Yes, the black widow spider. If bitten, seek medical attention immediately. Bites are rarely fatal when promptly treated; however, small children are at greater risk. Many spider bites are poisonous but are rarely fatal. There will be some swelling at the affected area.

2. I have one mouse in my house that I have been trying to get for months. Trapping is not working and he keeps eating all the bait that I put out. What can I do?

We will inspect your house and garage for possible access points. We will crawl under your deck looking for old pipe openings. We will check gas pipes, water pipes, dryer vent, and cold air vents for access points and adequate screening. Poorly fitted garage doors or jams are another entry point for the mice. We will fill holes with copper mesh and expanding foam.

3. I have mice in my home. I have a young child that plays on the floor. I am worried that my child may get sick from the mice. I have heard a lot about Hantavirus. How can I protect my child?

Put on rubber gloves and a dust mask. Moisten the mouse droppings and urine marks using 10% bleach and water solution or a Lysol-type product. Then scoop up the droppings with a paper towel and dispose of it.

4. I am getting bites from something. I think I have fleas. How can I get rid of them?

It is possible that you have fleas. They are rare in Calgary unless you have pets or have had visitors that may have brought some into your home. To determine the type of pest, use glue trap monitors to capture the insect and have it identified by a professional. You may bring it to our office for identification at no charge. A flea bite is found mainly from the knees down. The bite may be a bed bug bite or a spider bite.

5. I am finding large ants, some of them have wings. Are these termites?

No, we do not have termites in Calgary. Most likely they are winged ants. The females are large. During the breeding season, they develop wings. After they drop the wings, they have fertile eggs. Another possibility is carpenter ants. With this type of ant, there may be signs of sawdust or shaving from joists or beams.

6. How safe are the products that you use? I have young children and pets.

The products we use are dependent on the type of problem you have. We will often use Glue Trap Monitors. There are food baits available for certain types of insects, this procedure is totally non-invasive. When spraying is necessary, we use high quality products that have low or no odour. For this type of treatment, there is a time away from the home requirement. For rodents, we have mechanical traps and well as conventional baiting methods. Our baits are always kept in locked, tamper-resistant boxes for the safety of your children and pets.

7. Do hanging paper bags in my yard prevent wasps from building a nest?

Yes, but only at the spot that you hang the bag. Otherwise no, it will not prevent them from coming into your yard.

8. Wasps or bees are getting into my house. How? Also, do they build nests in the ground? And why do I often have nests under my front or back steps?

They search out holes in the ground, pipe openings, dryer vents, cold air vents, gas lines, knot holes, open windows and fireplace cracks. Yes, they do build nests in the ground. They will build nests in old gopher holes, tree stump roots, under front or back steps as there may be leaves, dirt clumps and rubbish that make good cover and shelter. It is insulated against the weather.

9. I am finding little worm-like things on my floor and in my cupboards. What are they?

They may be carpet beetle or larder beetles larvae. Carpet beetles are black outside bugs that enter your home to feed on things like fur, wool, flies and moths. Larder beetles have a tan stripe across the back and feed on dog or cat hair and food in cupboards that contain protein.

10. I hear noises in the attic. I think there is an animal up there. What is it and how can I get rid of it?

It may be squirrels, a raccoon, birds or mice. Squirrels, raccoons and birds can all be trapped. Mice can be poisoned.

11. Is the mouse bait (poison) dangerous to me, my kids or my pets?

Never eat mouse bait. Nor should you handle it with bare hands. Mouse bait should only be used in tamper resistant bait boxes for the protections of children or pets.


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