4 Most Common Rodent Species That Cause Issues in Alberta

Did you know that there are around 1,500 living rodent species and that they're on all continents except for Antarctica? They're actually the largest group of mammals! While the good news is that you won't encounter most of these furry creatures, you will see some that like to move into or around your home. These critters might be cute, but the fact is, they can pose a risk to not only your health, but also destroy your property. Here are the 4 most common rodent species that pest control in Calgary often see, so you know which ones to look out for!


1.    House Mouse

The house mouse is actually not native to North America. But considering how well rodents can adapt, it's no surprise that they've made their way from Asia and made a home here after settlers inadvertently brought these mice on their ships. This rodent is a tiny one that grows to just about 99 mm long, including its tail. It has a pointed nose, big eyes, small feet, and an almost hairless tail. You'll usually find them in a greyish-brown colour.


2.    Meadow Vole

The meadow vole is also known as the field mouse or meadow mouse. Voles thrive on small plants and can kill or severely injure trees and shrubs by girdling roots and steps. They prefer young, thin-barked plants, but may also feed on ground bulbs or the exposed roots of older trees. It's a bit stockier than the house mouse; the meadow vole has small eyes, short legs, and a short tail. It'll be the darkest-coloured rodent you'll spot in Alberta. It has a dark grey, yellow-brown, and red fur that's black on the top. This rodent grows up to 94 mm.


3.    White-Footed Mouse

The white-footed mouse (or deer mouse) is native to North America. As you might've guessed from its name, this rodent has white feet. Other distinct features of this mouse include a bi-coloured tail that's brown/grey on top, white on the bottom, as well as brown fur on top of its body and white on the underside. While the white-footed mouse is about the same size as the house mouse, you'll easily distinguish between the two due to its colouring and larger-sized ears and eyes.


4.    Richardson Ground Squirrel

The Richardson ground squirrel looks completely different from a mouse. It actually looks like a small version of a prairie dog and is about the size of a rat. These pests have brown and grey fur, sometimes with a bit of white in it. They'll burrow in the ground, hibernating during the colder periods and emerging around March. The males will then go and claim territories before the females emerge.


Call Pest Control in Calgary if You See These Rodents

Should you feel like one (or more) of the above types of rodents are present in or around your house, don't delay in hiring pest control. The damage from rodents and health risks aren't worth trying to wait it out. Plus, the problem almost never gets better. Instead, it'll only get worse. So do yourself a favour and call the professionals as soon as you notice anything! If you need pest control in Calgary, book an inspection with Cal-Rid Exterminators Inc now. We're available 24/7!