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5 Signs You Need to Call Animal Control ASAP

When you catch sight of a critter running across your kitchen floor, there’s little doubt that it’s time to call a Calgary exterminator. But there are other, less obvious indications that you may have an infestation in your home. Here are some signs that it’s time to get animal control experts like Cal-Rid Exterminators Inc. on the line.

There’s a persistent, unpleasant odour in the air. Unfortunately, wildlife has no sense of decorum when it comes to their bodily functions. Critters can and will relieve themselves everywhere throughout your home. In cupboards, drawers, behind the walls and in the attic. Not only is this gross and unhygienic, it’s also downright smelly. A stubborn stink could well be a sign that you need to call an exterminator to rid your Calgary home of the problem.

2. You find fecal matter in your home. Animal intruders often leave behind traces of their passing in the form of droppings. With larger animals, this kind of evidence speaks for itself, but with smaller creatures, you may not even know the mess you’re cleaning is indeed residual bodily waste. For example, small rodents like mice and voles have fecal matter so small it resembles the size of a grain of rice. Keep this in mind as you go about tidying your home.

3. Noises from the attic, chimney or vents. Footsteps in the attic and fluttering in the vents can be a good indication you have one or more new residents in your home. Squeaks and chirps can be further proof. These noises are often most obvious at night, as many types of more common pests are nocturnal.

4. Damage to your home. Chewed up wood, wires or aluminum can be a sign of an animal nesting in your home. Insulation pulled up from the walls can be further indication. Backyard decks and attics are often prime spots for critters to enter your home, and these particular areas often show these kinds of damages when an animal is living in your abode.

5. Your lawn and garden are dug up. Animals often make their homes close to a viable food source. Unfortunately, your vegetable garden or well-groomed lawn makes an excellent feeding ground for raccoons, skunks, voles and other critters. If your backyard’s been dug up, you may have the same felons squatting inside your home.

If you suspect you have unwanted animal intruders living in your home or yard, act without delay and give us a buzz. We’re animal control experts who’ve been servicing the Calgary region since 1958. We’ll help you prevent further damage to your home while ensuring the health and safety of your family. Contact us immediately for an estimate or to schedule an appointment.