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A Homeowner's Guide to Getting Rid of Ants

Ant infestation is one of the most common pest issues that homeowners have to deal with. This can be a result of you leaving your food packets lying open or forgetting to clean the kitchen countertop after a prep session. Different ant species require different treatment methods, which only experts can identify correctly to carry out effective ant control procedures. Cal-Rid Exterminators Inc provides insect and rodent control facilities to clients in Calgary, along with commercial pest control services.


Tips to Eliminate Ants


Here are a few effective ant control tips:


• Destroy Nesting Sites
If you want your ant elimination plan to be successful and long-lasting, prevent ant breeding in and around your home. Get rid of excess vegetation and debris that usually serve as nesting sites.


• Prevent Water Stagnation
Inspect for leaky pipes and leakages around the sink at regular intervals. Repair or replace broken pipes immediately to prevent water pooling in your home.


• Keep Your Kitchen Clean
Clean the grease and food spills from the stove, refrigerator or microwave. Wipe the area around the sink or counters and sweep food spills from the floor. Store food in sealed containers and do not keep ripe fruit on the kitchen shelves. Wash sticky jars that are used to store honey, syrup or other sweets and deep clean your kitchen every week. Use trashcans which have a lid and regularly dispose of the garbage.


• Seal the Access Points
Inspect the exterior of your home and the siding for cracks or openings, which can be easy access points for ants to come inside. Seal any cracks and crevices with silicone caulk. You should also trim the trees and bushes and keep potted plants away from the foundation.


• Use Chalk or Vinegar
Chalk is made up of calcium carbonate, which dehydrates the exoskeleton of ants when it comes in contact with them. Vinegar and Windex can also be used for this purpose. You can also use ant bait which is easily available in grocery and hardware stores.


Cal-Rid Exterminators Inc has been providing professional bird control services to its clients in Calgary for a while now. We help in pest proofing your home and provide effective ant control services.


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