Do You Have to Leave Your House for Pest Control?

When pests invade your home during winter (or any time of year), delaying a call to a pest control expert can make the situation worse as time goes on. However, some homeowners wait to call for services because they don't understand how it works or if they'll need to leave their homes. 


Depending on the type of pest control used during a home visit and pest being treated, your technician might recommend time away from your house. When will you need to leave? Are professional pest controlling products safe to use around children or pets? 


Keep reading to learn more about leaving your house for pest control.


Should You Leave Your House for Pest Control

The best pest control service will come to your home prepared to treat the rodent or insect problems you describe when requesting service. When you notice a pest problem, call an expert right away and give an accurate description of what you see. 


With an accurate assessment of the problem, the company will be able to determine what products they need to bring, they can also let you know if you need to leave the house after treatment and for how long you should stay away. This information should be communicated to you during the booking process to ensure there are no surprises when the technician arrives.


Needing to leave your home will depend on the methods used to exterminate the pests in your home. How bad the infestation may also be a determining factor.


How Long Will I Have to Stay Away?

If you're worried that it could be days or weeks before you can return to your home, that's rarely the case. During treatments that require spraying chemicals, your technician will recommend leaving the house for 4-6 hours or up to 24 hours depending on certain factors. It’s important to ensure it's safe for you, your family, and pets to be in the home. 


Leaving Isn't Always Require

When your specialist can effectively apply pest control without spraying chemicals, it's unnecessary to leave your home after treatment. Glue and food bait traps as well as alternative solutions like exclusion can effectively resolve some pest problems. These traps are safe for kids and pets to be around without the risk of access to the baits or harmful trap parts. 


Know When To leave For Pest Contro

If you are still unsure what to expect, make sure you're home at the time of your scheduled appointment. A technician will speak more with you about the pest problem before finalizing a course of treatment. Depending on the extermination plan, your technician will advise you to leave the house for a period of time after completing the service call. 


Don't Delay Pest Control!

The right pest control service will help you plan to be out of your house if necessary after treatment. We prioritize safe treatments for families and pets. Our goal is minimal disruption to your schedule while effectively treating pest or rodent problems in your home. 


In Calgary, let Cal-Rid Exterminators Inc. help you enjoy a pest-free home! Contact us for questions or get a free estimate.