How to Get Rid of Pigeons

Love or hate our flying friends in the sky, you need to be aware of the very real dangers they pose. Yes, that’s right. Pigeons are dangerous. 


The answer? Pigeon control. 


Why Are Pigeons Dangerous?

Bird poop sucks. That’s obvious. But did you know that bird feces can actually cause serious, harmful diseases? Here are some reasons why you need to implement pigeon control:

The Government of Canada outlines the potential health risks from exposure to pigeon feces. This means that not only can pigeons ruin your favourite sweater, but they can also cause you to become seriously ill!


Histoplasmosis is a fungal disease found within pigeon droppings. People can become infected by breathing in the fungus when in close proximity. 


Seems like having a bird poop on your head isn’t good luck after all...


Symptoms begin to appear after approximately 10 days and can include a fever, chest pain, and respiratory issues. Whilst these may not cause too much harm to a young and healthy poop-receiver, for older members of society with weaker immune systems it could be serious. 


Cryptococcosis is another fungal infection stemming from bird poop that grows in soil. Once again, for healthy people this isn’t too much of a worry, but why put nans and pops at risk? Mitigate the danger of these diseases with pigeon control by one of the best in the business, Cal-Rid



Pigeon Control To Protect Your Building

Bird poop again. This time it doesn’t only destroy your health, but your physical property. 



We’ve all seen walls, roofs, statues, cars, you name it, destroyed at the mercy of pigeons. Another reason you need to implement effective pigeon control is to prevent the exposure of acidic bird feces that erode metals and stonework. 


Bird poop isn’t just a pain to clean, but its acidic and erosive nature may cause permanent damage to your building, car or structures, costing you money! 


Get pigeon control to save on damage expenses.


Canada’s Pigeon Pandemic

Pigeon control has never been more pressing in Canada. We are now seeing more and more buildings destroyed and disease spread due to the uncontrolled breeding of pigeons in urban and suburban areas. 


Originally from Europe, pigeons have migrated all the way to Calgary — a sign of their determined resilience. Whilst this resilience may be commendable for their toughness and willingness to survive, it proves an even greater threat to our health and private property. 


Without pigeon control, pigeons bread and multiply at an uncontrollable rate. They will infest your chimney and roofs and put you and those around you at risk of disease. 


Canada, let's control our pigeon problem! 


How To Implement Pigeon Control

It’s simple. Call or email the Cal-Rid team. 


Let us do the ‘dirty’ work for you. If left uncontrolled or ignored, your pigeon problem will only exponentially get worse. We provide a professional pigeon control service, that strives to protect your health and property!