Pest control

How to Pest-Proof Your Air Conditioners

Pest infestations can adversely affect the efficiency of your air conditioners, cause component damage resulting in costly repairs, and also cause severe health issues. This makes pest proofing as important as dealing with system related issues during air conditioner maintenance. Cal-Rid Exterminators are experts in pest control. In this blog, we have selected a list of measures that can help you keep your air conditioners free of pests.


With the right precautionary steps, you can avoid pest infestations and ensure that you don’t have to suffer the consequences of it. Follow these instructions to save time, money and prevent health issues.


Keep your vents and flue pipes covered

Air vents and flue pipes are gateways for rodents and other pests to enter the AC system. They are perfect nesting grounds for them. Cover all exterior flues, intake and exhaust pipes with mesh screens or specialized covers made for vents to keep pests out.


Use pet repellant

Rodents cause damage to condensers by chewing and scratching. If they get into the AC unit, they can cause costly damage to the components. Pet repellants contain scents that are irritating to rodents and other small animals. Spray the condenser regularly to keep them away.


Seal your ducts

Rodent infestation in the air ducts can ruin the air quality of your home. Rodent hair, dander and feces can trigger allergies and respiratory issues. They can crawl into seemingly impossibly small holes. So, have any openings in the air ducts, no matter how small, sealed by a professional.


Use sulphur powder to keep snakes away

Being cold blooded animals, snakes are always looking for warm resting spots, so the coil in the condenser becomes a very attractive place for them. The problem is, when the AC is turned on, the condenser fans end up killing these snakes. This not only damages the fan blades, but a dead snake attracts other pests. Sulphur powder is known to repel snakes, so sprinkle it along the perimeter of your yard to hinder any snake activity.


Keep your condenser area clean

Ants are surprisingly harmful for AC systems. They are attracted to the acidity in contractors and when they come in contact with it, they get electrocuted. This releases a pheromone that alarms the other ants and soon, they swarm around the contractor and short circuit the system. Make sure there is no standing water near the condenser as this is what draws ants to the condensers initially.


Mow your lawn

Condensers should ideally be above the ground and at least a couple of feet away from the grass yard. An untrimmed yard provides asylum for all sorts of pests. Mow your grass regularly and clear out any debris from around the condenser.


Carry out regular maintenance

Carry out regular air conditioner maintenance. Have the maintenance expert check your AC system for any signs of pest infestations. This will enable the expert to fix any issue that might encourage pest activities.

Outside these preventive measures, refrain from taking pest control into your own hands. Using pesticides to rid your vents and ducts of pests will contaminate the air circulation and cause respiratory issues. Pest control experts exterminate pests without compromising your health and safety.

Choosing the right exterminators will make all the difference when you are trying to protect your AC units from pests. Find out how to choose the right exterminators in our blog. Cal-Rid Exterminators Inc has been providing reliable pest control throughout Calgary since 1958. Contact us today for a thorough inspection of your AC system.