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How to Prevent Animals From Invading Your Property

One of the great things about Calgary is its diverse ecosystem. However, some of these common Calgary critters aren't well-loved when they invade your garden. Even if you don't see animals in your yard, it's easy to spot the signs that they've been marauding your garden. They might nibble on your flowers, steal your fruits and veggies, or rip plants right out of the ground. How can you practice home pest control to keep these garden pests at bay? Read on for our top tips to improve your residential animal control and keep your garden intact.


Provide Alternative Food Sources

If animals are treating your garden like a grocery store, it may help to provide an alternative food source or habitat somewhere else. For example, if you do most of your gardening in the backyard, consider setting up birdfeeders, water sources, and hiding places in your front yard. If you do plan on feeding your local wildlife, make sure that you do so responsibly. It's okay to leave diet-appropriate food out for foraging, but never try to hand feed any wild animals.


Fence in Your Garden

If distraction doesn't do the trick, you may need to take more direct protective measures. Building an additional fence around the perimeter of a flower bed or vegetable garden can help. Keeping certain enticing crops or plants under cloches can also prevent wild animals from eating or tampering with your plants.


Try Ultrasonic Pest Repellants

Once mammals like squirrels or rabbits have taken a liking to your yard, it's hard to keep them out of it. One safe, trap-free option to consider is an ultrasonic pest repellant. These devices, which are small and often solar-powered, use lights and high-frequency noises to scare animals away. Newer models are motion-activated and easy to install in one or several places around your yard.


Give Your Local Animal Control Service a Call

At the end of the day, DIY methods aren't always going to cut it. If you're looking for both preventative and active pest control, your best bet is to call your local pest control service. Pest control specialists can find and address entry points both indoors and out. They can put in measures to deter both animals and insects from invading your home and garden, keeping your property safe from all sorts of unwanted activity.


Let Cal-Rid Protect Your Property from Pests

As much as you might love sharing your city with critters of all shapes and sizes, you may not want to share your home with them. Calgary pest control services are a must to protect your property from animals and insects of all kinds. Cal-Rid is a family-owned pest control service in Calgary. We're proud to serve Calgary homeowners in their mission to live in pest-free spaces. To ask questions about our services and availability, request a quote, or schedule your animal control services, contact us today.