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Which Pests Can Invade Your Home in the Winter and How to Deal with Them?

Animals must act differently in winter to survive. Bears go into hibernation and birds fly to warmer climates. What about pests such as rodents or insects? Pest control during winter is very essential as certain pests can invade your home during this season, such as:


  • Larder beetles
  • Cockroaches
  • Spiders
  • Mice
  • Raccoons

Cal-Rid Exterminators Inc has been providing pest control solutions for properties in Calgary since 1958. We are committed to using humane control methods that are ecologically friendly to protect your family and home from harmful effects. Our expert team can remedy whatever intrusion you are suffering, with care. As a family owned and operated company, we are always ready to go the extra mile to take care of pest control in the best manner possible.


In this blog post, our expert technicians explain which pests can invade your home during winter and how to deal with them.


Don’t Rodents Hibernate During Winter?

Certain rodents such as chipmunks and groundhogs enter hibernation during winters. However, others such as squirrels, rats and mice remain active. As the food sources of these rodents get exhausted, they tend to look for other sources in their surroundings, such as your home. The cold temperature outside can also lead them to the warmth in your home to wait out the winter.


Where Do Insects Go During Winter?

There are many different types of insects and each of them has a different way of dealing with winter. For example, female mosquitos store up fat and enter a hibernation mode called diapause. All types of termites are active throughout the year and can swarm in any season, provided the conditions are right. Spiders and cockroaches are active during the cold months. They also make their way into homes like mice for warmth and food sources.


What Makes Your Home a Potential Target for Pests in Winter?

Certain factors that may attract pests to your home in winter are:

  • Easy points of entry, such as gaps under dryer vents, doors and holes or cracks in your foundation. Pests can also gain access to your home by crawling up plants or tree branches near your home.
  • Food sources such as crumbs or food waste. Trash cans that do not have secured lids can also attract pests to your yard.


Carry Out Regular Preventive Maintenance

  • Seasonally inspect the perimeter of your home for gaps, cracks or holes.
  • Check the window and door screens for damage and repair them as needed.
  • Inspect the screen vents that open into the chimney, attic, drains or crawlspaces.


Let Cal-Rid Exterminators Inc Help

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