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Pigeon Control in Calgary

Originally native to areas of Europe, North Africa, and western Asia, pigeons have spread to cities around the world. Mainly creatures of habit, they typically feed, nest, and roost in the same places day after day for years, which can cause problems for home and business owners. When it comes to reliable pigeon control in Calgary, Cal-Rid Exterminators Inc is the name to trust. We have been providing professional pest and bird control services for more than six decades. Count on us for effective pigeon control services to keep your property clean while not causing any harm to them.

The Pigeon Problem

Pigeons rely greatly on humans for food and shelter, using roofs, ledges and downspouts of buildings as nest and roosting sites, and feeding off open garbage containers, as well as bird grain set out by people for songbirds to eat. Pigeons can carry diseases such as salmonella, as well as pests such as fleas, lice, and mites, which can be harmful to humans and other animals. Pigeon droppings, which are highly acidic, can damage shingles, siding, and other structure materials, while also leaving you open to liability in case a visitor to your property experiences a slip-and-fall accident. Cleaning up after pigeons as well as repairs and maintenance costs can be prohibitive depending on how many pigeons you have living in your space.

Deterrents and Solutions for Pigeon Control in Calgary

Like many pests, the best deterrent for pigeons is prevention. Keeping pigeons out of your home and buildings keeps you from having to deal with clean up and fixing damages. Bird control spikes are a safe and effective addition to any surfaces that pigeons typically land on. Bird netting is a great addition to awnings and overhangs to keep them from behind overhead in entryways and walkways. For public, semi-enclosed and enclosed areas, bird repellent devices are a strong deterrent to birds but silent to humans. There are always new products available such as bird slides, wire and more. Cal-Rid Exterminators Inc can provide you with the best solution based on your problem.  


Our professional pigeon control services will help you:

  • Prevent disease transmission
  • Prevent property damage
  • Save repair and maintenance costs
  • Reduce the risks of allergens and infections

Call Us Today!

In addition to bird control, we also offer rodents, mice and insect extermination services.

Contact Cal-Rid Exterminators Inc. today for pigeon control in Calgary. We’ll assess the problem on the spot, suggest methods of removing, repelling, or driving away the winged pests, and take appropriate measures to prevent their return.


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