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At Cal-Rid Exterminators, we know that even the cleanest of houses are not safe from the threat of vermin. That’s why we work to safely remove things like mice, voles (also known as meadow mice), gophers, skunks, porcupines, and wild cats with our rodent control in Calgary. Our team of exterminators will work to remove and present rodents in your home and prevent others from making their way inside in the future. To learn more about the different types of rodents and mammals we frequently deal with, check out our subpages on mice, voles and skunks, or give us a call to schedule an appointment today.

Why Call for Professional Rodent Control in Calgary?

It might seem like getting an exterminator to handle a rodent problem might be a bit over the top, and indeed that could be true if it’s just a single rodent causing the problem. But if there’s more than one vermin bothering you or your family, a professional exterminator may be the right way to go. Here’s a few ways in which hiring a professional is better than trying to catch a rodent by yourself.

For 24-hour emergency rodent and mammal control services, call Cal-Rid Exterminators today to schedule your first appointment.

1. There’s a reduced risk of accidental contamination.

Store-bought poisons to kill a rodent or other mammal can work, but it could also have an adverse effect on your home. A young child or pet could come into contact with those poisons, potentially causing serious harm. Our exterminators will use materials that are intended for safe use near children and pets if they’re present, and make sure that the best plan of action is implemented.

2. It’s a more effective, long-term solution.

If you go to the store and buy rodent poison or a mouse trap, that could work for one vermin. But if there’s more than one, it’s probably more cost-effective to hire an exterminator. In one session, we’ll look for areas of your home where mice and other rodents could be entering from, and put in place the proper steps to get and keep rodents out of your home.

3. We provide reassurance that our work works!

If the pests figure out another way to get in your home, our exterminators will come back out and look at what’s happened to try and fix the problem. It’s doubtful that poison could be returned to the store it was bought from just because it was ineffective.

4. We provide first-hand knowledge of what works best.

Only a professional exterminator can bring past experiences and apply them to the task at hand. Cal-Rid Exterminators will look and determine what’s the best plan of action for rodent control in your Calgary home.

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