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Calgary's Mice Control & Mouse Exterminator

Mice are one of the most common infestations a homeowner has to deal with. Cal-Rid Exterminators Inc. is Calgary’s mice control and mouse exterminator. We take mice removal seriously as mice are creatures that cause many problems and spread diseases. The main reasons behind mice infestation are spills, every day debris, crumbs and clutters. The kitchen, dining space and living room are a few of the most loved spaces by mice as there is food and warmth.


Signs Your Home Has Mice Infestation

You know your house is overrun by mice when you smell an odour coming in from the kitchen cabinets, cupboards, under the sofa or may be the whole house. You see crumbs scattered around, gnawed holes in walls, furniture, scampering noises or mice running around. These are indicators to give Cal-Rid Exterminators Inc. a call for mice removal and control services in Calgary. Our trained mice exterminator knows how to get rid of mice and will get your house free of infestation. 


Mice generally live in places that are hard-to-reach and see. They may have dug up a hole through the wall or cabinets or cozily sneaking behind the sofas or corners of the bed. The best possible way to keep mice at bay is to wash floors regularly, vacuum, clean the house, get rid of any fallen crumbs, or food lying around. 


Mice usually have the same entry and exit points. To get rid of them, it’s necessary to eliminate all such points. Our mice exterminator is skilled at knocking down their hiding points and tackling the mice infestation effectively. We make sure the process is done without making any mess and causing any damage to your property. 



Importance of Mice Extermination

Effective mice removal or control is possible only when you understand their behaviour pattern, food requirement and their possible harbouring areas in the house. Our mice exterminator is equipped with all the tools and skills needed to prevent further infestation. Mice infestation can be a serious health hazard to the occupants of the house as mouse droppings can spread bacteria, parasites and viruses, which can spread to humans upon contact. Left untreated, a female mouse can give birth to more than 50 babies in the course of a year. Not only do they carry diseases, they also cause structural damage by chewing away on the cracks and holes in dry walls. Rodents and mice can also cause damage to the wiring. Contact us for a professional exterminator that can help get rid of mice.


It’s important to keep a track of any mice in your house and take preventive measures to remove mice under permanently. Call Cal-Rid Exterminators Inc. to deal with mice infestation in Calgary. We will be happy to help 24/7.


Health Issues Caused By Mice

Mice can become carriers of the Hantavirus virus and spread it to others through droppings, feces and saliva. Hantavirus can also become airborne, where mice infestations are rampant. When humans come in contact with feces or other remnants left behind by mice, the virus can cause infections and serious health conditions. The Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome (HPS) has a high mortality rate. Hantavirus can cause ailments such as fever, fatigue, muscle pains and shortness of breath. The disease does not have a vaccine. Get in touch with us to get a quote.

The Advantages of a Professional Mouse Exterminator in Calgary

Mice breed very fast. You may notice a few mice here and there to start with. However, before you know, the situation will get out of hand. Professional exterminators at Cal-Rid Exterminators Inc. are  equipped with all the tools and knowledge required to provide an effective remedy for dealing with an infestation of mice. These are the things that spell the difference between an exterminator and a layman attempting a do-it-yourself method of getting rid of rodents.  It is also important to manage feces with due care and caution. Cleaning and handling the feces properly can minimize exposure to the disease and information can be provided onsite on the best methods for clean-up. Call us to know more about our services or to get an appointment.


Speak to Us to Get Rid of Mice Infestation

Speak to Us to Get Rid of Mice Infestation

Call Cal-Rid Exterminators Inc, today to deal with your mouse problem in Calgary. To learn more about our commercial pest control services, fill out our online form.

Our Approach for Effective Mice Control


Here are just a few of the ways in which our exterminators provide effective mice control in Calgary:

We find where the mice are coming in.

It’s almost impossible to stop a mouse infestation if you don’t know how they’ve gotten into your home. Our exterminators will locate how the mice are getting into the house and try to seal the entrance off. Additionally, we will also find where the mice are living in your home, based on evidence and our knowledge of where mice most usually prefer to congregate.

Our exterminators outsmart mice by thinking like mice.

Knowing how a mouse is likely to act helps us to set baits in areas that a mouse will most likely be. Baits are placed in locked, tamper-resistant boxes and are set along the walls or in corners where mice can scurry back to safety. These bait boxes can be refilled if necessary and the bait inside can last for up to two years, so it is best to keep them around.

We make sure that the problem is dealt with.

It’s not just enough to trap or poison one mouse. It’s crucial to make sure that traps continue to be set in order to catch other mice that may be lurking in your home. People often get tripped up after catching a single mouse and forget to try and catch others that might be there.

Call Calgary’s Trusted Exterminator for Fast, Efficient and Permanent Pest Removal 24/7!

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