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Professional skunk removal in Calgary

Having a skunk in your backyard is a big sign of trouble. Skunks can not only cause extensive and costly damage to lawns and gardens, but they also host parasites harmful to humans and domesticated pets, including rabies, mites, ticks, tapeworms and more. Active mostly in summers, skunks are a real cause of headaches due to the mess they create in their hunt for food. So, if you are having a tough time dealing with skunks, then give Cal-Rid Exterminators Inc. a call, and we’ll help you with your skunk removal problems.


Signs of Skunks - What To Look For

Determining the presence of skunks is not a difficult task at all. The first and foremost sign of skunks being around is its obnoxious smell. That smell is often the way homeowners spot the presence of skunks somewhere around their house. A few other signs can be footprints near the garbage can, dog house, or anywhere on the outside where any food item was left out. Holes can also be an indication of skunks’ presence as they dig holes or trenches to get under fences or gates. They are always searching for den sites, such as under sheds, woodpiles, decks, porches and crawl spaces etc.


If you see any such signs, give us a call & our professionals will be at your disposal in no time to offer our skunk removal services.

What To Do if You Encounter a Skunk

If you encounter a skunk, watch for defence behaviours such as stamping feet, raised tail, hissing, and short forward charges, signs that indicate the skunk might spray. Move away from the skunk slowly and quietly. If you know or suspect a skunk is denning under or around your home, you can add light and noise to make the area less attractive. You can also use mild repellents – including capsaicin, castor oil, or ammonia-soaked rags – to ward off skunks. And you can always call the professionals at Cal-Rid.

Tips to Deter Skunks from Your Yard

We recommend keeping any garbage bins around your property tightly shut, especially your green carts, and if possible, bring your recycling out for collection the evening prior to pick-up, or the morning of pick-up to lessen the chance of a skunk rummaging through your bin looking for their next meal. We also advise sealing off any areas skunks may find appealing as shelter. This includes removing hollow logs and woodpiles from your property, and boarding up or filling in holes or space under a raised deck, shed or porch.

Skunks can not only cause extensive and costly damage to lawns and gardens, they also host parasites harmful to humans and domesticated pets including rabies, mites, ticks, tapeworms and more. Stay safe and keep your pets indoors at night.

Mating Season

The pungent smell of skunk is more common during late winter when it’s skunk mating season. Their young are then born from mid-spring to mid-summer, and a litter can include 1 to 10 kits. It’s essential to maintain your property year-round in an effort to keep skunks and their young kits away.

How Does Skunk Removal Take Place

We can help you get rid of the skunks with our trusted skunk removal services in Calgary. Trapping and relocating the skunk to another area is often the most preferred choice of most homeowners & we can provide that with ease at affordable rates. Other methods include pest control or installation of a physical barrier but trapping and getting rid of it once and for all is what homeowners in Calgary mostly opt for when it comes to skunk removal. So, reach out to us, and we’ll be happy to help.

Call Calgary’s Trusted Exterminator for Fast, Efficient and Permanent Pest Removal 24/7!

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